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Ömer Fırat is a self-taught İstanbul based artist who has been gaining prominence for his contemporary works in the realm of minimalist abstract art.

Despite his lack of formal art education, Ömer Fırat's creations are a testament to his unique approach and dedication to his craft.


Fırat's current body of work is a reflection of his quest to break free from constraints and limitations. His artistic journey began with the launch of his debut collection, "Repressed Soul." This collection serves as an exploration of the harmful effects of imposed restrictions. It aims to push the boundaries of artistic expression by distancing itself as far as possible from these detrimental influences.

In his pieces, Ömer Fırat invites viewers to explore a world where creative freedom reigns. The absence of formal art education has allowed him to approach his work with fresh perspectives and unconventional techniques. His art transcends the blank sheet, offering a unique experience that both challenges and captivates the observer.


He is offering a refreshing perspective on the creative process. His art serves as a testament to the boundless potential of self-discovery and the captivating world of abstract expression.

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